T-ball, anyone?

Date June 12, 2007

Carson is officially on the baseball path now. He started a summer T-ball league on Monday night. He actually missed the first practice, which was on Saturday. But, he’s got another practice on Thursday. He’ll practice on Mondays and, normally, play games on Thursdays. He’s on par with the other kids his age when it comes to fielding/catching. But, he’s watched enough baseball of older kids and college, and he’s gone through enough Dad-or-Benton pitched balls in the cul-de-sac, that he is well ahead on the how/where to stand for hitting. He was very proud of the fact that the coach didn’t have to show him how to do that.

We’re having pretty much constant conversations about how priorities when it comes to playing: 1) have fun, 2) try your best, 3) treat others with respect. And…winning doesn’t even make the list. I tried to give him the old, “in baseball, a player who gets out 2 out of 3 times is considered a great player” speech…but he wasn’t hanging with me on that. He’s determined that he’s going to hit the ball “SOOOOO far that [he’ll] have a HOME RUN every time!”

We’ve got a new camera on order — should be here late this week. With luck, I’ll start getting some pictures up along with these posts.

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