Life would be SO much easier if only my wife was more organized

Date July 20, 2007

Julie, I think, is still feeling fairly stressed about the myriad moving parts in our lives these days. As usual, she is way more on top of things than she realizes.

Below is an e-mail she sent out last night, which shows the degree to which she’s got hers and the kids’ lives schedule nailed down for the coming weeks:


I wanted to make sure those impacted by our travels had the details since this seems to be coming together somewhat. So, file this away as needed. If you are along the travel route, I will see you soon and am much appreciative of accomodations and help. With my mover’s delivery date being unconfirmed, some of this is likely to change.


Monday or Tuesday, July 30 or 31st
Move kids to Dripping Springs – Fridge & Washer disconnect

Thurdsay, Aug 2
Movers arrive am
Clean house pm

Friday, Aug 3
Austin to Dallas – Stay with Bruce and Cheryl Bone

Monday, Aug 6
Dallas to Springfield, MO or beyond (will find hotel en route)

Tuesday, Aug 7
Springfield to St. Louis – Stay at , [details removed]
Afternoon – Grant’s Farm
Evening – Hotel & swimming

Wednesday, Aug 8
Daytime – Science Center
Evening – Dinner with Alissa and Craig

Thursday, Aug 9
St. Louis to Indianapolis or beyond (will find hotel en route)

Friday, Aug 10
Indianapolis to Columbus stay at Lisa and Andrew Leatherman’s
Afternoon – Closing on house and register kids for school

**Movers delivery date is still tentatively set for 8/11 to 8/13. The exact date will not be determined until after pickup on 8/2, so some planning is still unknown

Saturday, Aug 11
Stay at Lisa and Andrew Leatherman’s if movers come and we are done late?
Movers possibly delivering (if so – kids to Wadsworth – Bob or Pam to drive them back?)
If no movers, Visit with kids’ school, see house, neighborhood – drive to Wadsworth and stay there

I suspect she’s got a "more detailed" schedule in the works! 😉

One Response to “Life would be SO much easier if only my wife was more organized”

  1. the "wife" said:

    If only I put this much effort into, say organizing the kitchen measuring utensils, then maybe making Saturday morning pancakes would be easier.

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