Back to school, back tothe farm…prep work

Date August 14, 2007

Julie sent me the above picture from her cell phone this morning. Yesterday, we chatted briefly, and she mentioned that she had taken the kids shoe shopping and walked out of the store with six pairs of shoes. From left to right: boots (for the farm) for Benton, tennis shoes for Benton, jungle mocs for Benton, boots for carson, tennis shoes for Carson, boots for Alana. Or so I’m guessing.

The photo not included — Julie has not sent it to me yet — is of Alana with her purple toenails. Yes. Purple toenails. She apparently caught Aunt Tami painting her toenails and then insisted that she get her own toenails painted. And sat patiently for the whole process. The shocker (not!) is that, now, she is not particularly interested in her new shoes…since they cover up her painted toes!

New Occasional Feature — Tim’s Random MS Windows/Office Tip: In Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, <F4> will repeat the last thing you did. For instance, if you select some text (Word/PowerPoint) or a cell (Excel) and make it bold, you can then click on another bit of text or another cell, press , and that, to will be made bold. This comes in amazingly handy.

3 Responses to “Back to school, back tothe farm…prep work”

  1. Kim said:

    Hee-hee a true girly girl knows the importance of painted toe nails.

  2. dinesh n m said:

    I didn’t get the Office tip. Are you referring to ‘F4’ command?

  3. Gilligan said:

    Um. Yeah, Dinesh. Nice catch. I didn’t realize that Blogger’s WYSIWYG interface would not handle the brackets around F4. I’ve corrected that, so it should make sense now. Thanks!

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