Signing off for a few days

Date August 17, 2007

T-minus two weeks to some semblance of normalcy in the Wilson household. I hope.

I’m heading out at the pre-crack of dawn on Saturday morning with the dogs and a truck bed full of miscellaneous stuff that the movers did not or could not take for one reason or another. Google says it’s 19 hours and 48 minutes doorstep to doorstep. I’m estimating somewhere between 21 and 24 hours. If it’s closer to 21, I might make it in one shot. If it’s closer to 24, I’ll probably wind up stopping along the way for some shut-eye.

Either way, I’ve got an MP3 player loaded up with music and podcasts, and I’ve got an additional CD cued up in the CD player: Driver‘s second album. How appropriate! With luck, Rob “Sticks” Solomon, Driver’s drummer and the CEO of Bulldog Solutions will bring in their first album for additional drivetime listening.

Julie is bouncing around between Wadsworth, OH; West Virginia; and Dublin, OH, during the latter part of this week and the weekend. Her great-aunt Gertie died earlier this week, and the calling hours are Friday evening with the funeral on Saturday. Since her dad can’t make it to his farm in West Virginia this weekend, he took off Friday and Saturday. Marilyn kept the kids in Wadsworth while Julie and Bob headed to the new house (in Dublin) on Wednesday evening. Julie was going to register the kids for school and get some other chores knocked out on Thursday morning before heading to West Virginia with her dad. They were going to do some mowing on the farm on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning before returning to Wadsworth/Akron for the calling hours and, Saturday morning, the funeral. Then, she’s loading up the kids and heading to the new house in Dublin. Did you follow all of that?

I’ll be arriving late Saturday night or some time on Sunday morning, if everything goes as planned. Then, it’s a week of everyone getting permanently settled in before school starts the following week. Hopefully, by the end of that first week of school, we’ll be starting to feel like a normal family with a normal home again.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Julie and the kids. As are Elwyn and Molly. Old Man Elwyn has gotten to where he’s following me around when I get home at night. They’re seeming awfully attention-deprived this week, as my parents have been chasing a Himalayan snowcock out west. They arrived home late last night (after I’d gone to bed), so I don’t yet know if they were successful in their quest to add another notch to their life list.

One Response to “Signing off for a few days”

  1. dinesh n m said:

    Hats Off to you.
    (I guess Julie did most of the planning during your move.)

    Compared to your move, my move is absolutely nothing, but I don’t find this easy at all. It feels like I have to get SO MUCH done in 2 weeks. I plan to fly out on the 29th. I wish I had the time to take a road trip to get to the Pacific NorthWest.

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