Elders these Days…

Date August 25, 2007

It seems as though the elders in my family are in cahoots to cast off the norms of their generation. What kind of example are they setting? At top is Unc (aka Bill Love), my maternal great-uncle. At bottom is my dad (aka Larry Wilson). My dad sequenced things as follows: 1) facial hair (strictly banned by DuPont during his working years, and, as the genes that he passed on to me can attest to, not something that can be achieved overnight…or ever if the desired end result is a "full" beard, then 2) pierced ear, and, finally, 3) hearing aids. There is a raging debate in the Love family right now as to whether Unc, who has had intra-aural amplification for some years, was at all inspired by his nephew-in-law to add facial hair to his visage.

What I want to know is, "Is a pierced ear to follow soon for Unc?" And, are these two going to hook up and a the tattoo parlor together in the coming weeks?

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