The Princess Ninja Wand

Date October 16, 2007

Ah….today was the day Carson had been waiting for ALL week. Last week, he decided on a ninja costume for Halloween and it got ordered. Everyday, starting with the day we placed the order, he asked if the costume was here. When I told him it was not here, he asked me to tell him as soon as it arrived. After waiting 6 long days, his much anticipated ninja costume arrived. He was thrilled! The 30″ sword came in a sheath and was one long piece. (I had warned him it might be a few pieces that we had to assemble in case that was how they made it. I was trying set reasonable expectations so he wouldn’t be disappointed. Fortunately, it was one piece, so he was delighted.)

In a separate box, Alana’s princess costume arrived. It is about as pink as you can get and came with princess sparkling shoes, a princess tiara, complete with netting that dangles down in back, and a light-up princess wand. She immediately had to have the ensemble on and wanted to know “What’s this for?” when I handed her the wand. I told her it was her princess wand. She grabbed it and started to carry it around.

In the meantime, Carson was transformed from a 5 year old child into a black warrior ninja who started to move ninja-like around the living room. This movement included wielding his sword while standing on and jumping off of the couch and various other things that “Carson” would not be allowed to do, but a ninja was expected to do.

After a quick run into see Tim in his office and show off her princess dress, Alana returned to start the meeting between princess and ninja. Within moments, it was a good verses evil match whereby the princess wand was used as a sword to defend against the ninja sword. Carson loved it (as expected), but so to did the little, dainty princess. In the end, I, the fairy god mother or the wicked witch, depending on whether you were enjoying this battle or not, stepped in to stop the action. I tried to explain that Alana’s princess wand was not for fighting.

Shortly afterwards, we got out of the costumes for dinner which brought a pause to the excitement. After returning from dinner, Alana found her princess wand and promptly whupped me on the leg. This led to her difficult choice of putting it down or getting it taken away. Seeing as Alana is 2 and a half and it was 7:30pm, she made the “choice” to have Dad put it away by not putting it down. This is where the “Princess Ninja Wand” title comes in.

Alana started to cry for she wanted her “ninja sword” back. I explained that it was a princess wand and that she had made the choice to have it put away. Apparently, she sort of listened, because she has since referred to it as her “princess ninja wand”.

Beware you trick or treaters who think you are stumbling across a cute, sweet little princess on Halloween night as she will have her Princess Ninja Wand and she knows how to use it!

In case you are wondering, Benton’s skeleton costume arrived, and he did not like it. So we are still on the hunt for something that he might wear, as I have given up hopes of finding something he will like. Carson has already made a pitch for us to keep the costume rather than return it, as he wants to wear it.

Boo to you!

By the way, my sore throat, mentioned in Tim’s last post, is not strep but I won’t get any culture results back on what it is for a few days. My trip to the doctor’s office resulted in some antibiotics which have made a world of difference. I am not back to normal, but I can swallow without wincing, so much progress has been made.

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  1. ASB said:

    What, Julie doesn’t make all three costumes from scratch???

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