Carson’s Special Lunch

Date October 21, 2007

Today, Carson and I got to enjoy a beautiful day at the zoo. We headed over to have lunch with Spiderman. Yes – you heard me – that red and blue superhero who Carson likes to pretend to be. Well, he was at the zoo and we had tickets to join him, and 298 other parents and kids, for lunch. Here is our countdown to the big event.

11:45 am – The line opens and we enter the hall to claim our lunch and drinks. Since we were about 10th in line, we snagged a seat right in front of the stage.
11:50 am – Carson befriended a black Spiderman named Jeffery sitting across from him at the table. He and Carson tried to figure out if the black Spiderman was coming today or the red one. They both concluded he would be red.
12:00 pm – Spiderman theme music blared through the hall and then….wonder of all wonders… the webbed hero appeared (and he was red) much to the delight of Carson and every kid in the house.

At this point, the plan was to eat, get your face painted or get your picture with Spiderman until it was time for his 12:30pm show. So, Carson and I ate and then headed for the face painting. At one point during lunch, Carson asked me who I thought was in the Spiderman suit and I joked that maybe Dad was not on an airplane headed toward Texas. Carson ran with this and tried, unsuccessfully, to convince Jeffery that Spiderman was his Dad.

The show was about 30 minutes long with lots of audience participation and humorously covered topics regarding Halloween safety. It was very well done and kept the kids entertained and informed. After the show was over, we stood in line for a picture with Spiderman. Carson spent most of this time playing with Jeffery, his table mate. He also got to enjoy the various animals brought around by the zoo staff. Here is a sampling……

This is Ruffus, a 13 year old Eastern Screech Owl. Carson pointed out that his cousin Tyler was almost 13, so this little owl was pretty old even though he was pretty small.

[Picture lost]

This is some type of python. It was not slimy to touch.

[Picture lost]

Have you ever seen a Bear Cat? Me neither. This guy was fascinating and LOVED that banana. Apparently he spends most of his time in the trees and has a tail like a 5th arm. This one is less than a year old, weighing about 25 pounds. It can curl around a tree limb and support most of his weight. He must have crawled around the zookeepers neck about 50 times.

[Picture lost]

You probably have seen one of these, at least the plastic kind. This flamingo is not very old since it is not fully pink yet. I think she said it takes about 3 years for them to get all pink. Carson was able to get a pretty good view of this one. (Jeffery is right next to Carson.)

[Picture lost]

We ended our lunch with a picture. When Spiderman asked if Carson could do a web-shooter, Carson hopped right into Spiderman form.

[Picture lost]

After lunch, Carson and I wandered around the zoo doing a little trick or treating at the booths set up for the occasion. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with a high of 81 degrees forecast. It was a nice way to spend some one-on-one time with MY favorite superhero.

[Picture lost]

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