Not What It Looks Like

Date November 19, 2007

These days, it’s rare to catch Carson and Benton within three feet of each other and being happy about it for more than about 30 seconds. So, how on earth did we get them to share a bed?!

Well, this picture is wildly misleading. While I was in D.C. last week, Julie moved the trundle bed (the lower trundle part) from the basement up to the family room. Her mother is coming to stay with us for a while starting next week, and she is still on the mend from recent back surgery. So, we decided it would be good to get her set up to sleep on the first floor. That means we now basically have a twin bed in our living room. Facing the television. The kids snuck in 15 minutes of Mythbusters tonight, so they hardly noticed they were sharing a bed, blanket, and comforter!

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