Easter in Brooklyn

Date March 25, 2008

We spent Easter weekend in Brooklyn at Paul and Patty Lyren’s place.

On Saturday morning, the kids (including Paul) dyed Easter eggs:

Carson Dyeing Easter Eggs

Alana Dyeing Easter Eggs

Benton, Carson, and Paul Dyeing Easter Eggs


In the afternoon, we headed to the Polish part of town to get the Easter basket that Patty had made up blessed in a Catholic church. They do these blessings every half hour from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. The highlights:

  • Hearing The Lord’s Prayer chanted by the congregation…in Polish
  • Alana’s comment as we left: “That man splashed me with water!”

On Easter morning, the kids came downstairs to find the Easter Buckets that the Easter Bunny had left for them, with instructions that Carson’s eggs were in the living room, Benton’s were in the dining room, and Alana’s were in the kitchen. I suspect the Easter Bunny had quite a time finding places to hide all of the eggs, as Benton and Carson each had almost 40 eggs (most of them plastic) to find, and Alana had over 20.

Easter Buckets

Alana Shows Off Some Easter Eggs

Alana Finds an Easter Egg



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