Visiting the Hallacs — Part 1 of 3

Date March 27, 2008

So, what happens when you have kids? The adults start disappearing from the pictures. We had a great visit with the Hallacs at their home in Armonk, NY, earlier this week. Unfortunately, we didn’t walk away with much in the way of pictures of Trice and Jimmy.

Thanks to Picasa, though, I was able to quickly dig up this picture from 2000 of the adult Hallacs (this from a memorable and enjoyable trip to the Florida Keys):

Trice and Jimmy…back in 2000

Basically, Trice’s hair is now longer, but Jimmy still spends most of his time with his finger in his mouth like this. It’s the darnedest thing.

Their daughter, Anna, is a hoot in many, many ways.

Anna Hallac

Anna on the climbing wall

Yes, we did catch Trice tapping her fingers together and leering, “I call her…mini-ME!” several times. That was a little freaky, but we overlook these things when it comes to the person I will always refer to as The-Gal-Who-Wrecked-My-First-Opportunity-to-Make-Out-with-My-Future-Wife-in-Private-Because-She-Was-Obsessed- with-Removing-the-Glowing-Stars-and-Planets-from-Julie’s-Dorm-Room-Ceiling. It’s a mouthful, so sometimes I just call her “Trice.” But, in my mind…

And then, there are the twins, being fed by Anna:

Anna feeding the twins

And just being damn cute (Maya in the background, Sophia in the foreground):

Maya and Sophia

Carson, in particular, was smitten. More on that in a bit.

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