Flags, flags, flags

Date April 20, 2008

We’ve really been slipping on the blogging front. No promises to remedy that, but we are, at least aware.

Several weeks ago, Carson, who is sporadically and aggressively into studying different flags of the world, set out to make a variety of miniature flags. He let Alana be involved, and Julie tracked down wooden skewers to use as flagpoles.

The activity took up a good chunk of the morning, and someone then had the idea that they should head out front to “raise” the flags. PJs and snow boots anyone?

Now, lest you think that they stopped at a mere eight flags, they did not, although Julie did at least manage to get Carson to get dressed before the round of additions:

Alana made a couple of flags as well, but they were placed in the backyard. Unfortunately, they did not get retrieved before the rains came that afternoon.

All in all, some very healthy brother/sister bonding:

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