Our Little Carb-Loading Bird

Date April 27, 2008

Benton hasn’t been getting much press in this blog. This is partly because he tends to resist having his picture taken…lest it wind up on the internet. But, he’s a funny kid, and we do occasionally snap his picture, so he’ll just have to work that out in therapy down the road.

As active as he is, Benton just doesn’t eat much. And he never really has, except for the occasional growth spurt when he was younger.  We got a pretty good chuckle out of his brown bag lunch for a recent field trip (he takes his lunch every day, but normally in a permanent soft-side lunch bag). When it was all packed up, Julie rolled the top down half the length of the bag before she ran out of air. Even Benton got a chuckle out of it (contrasting with Carson — when he went on a field trip a week earlier, Julie struggled to figure out how to close the jam-packed brown bag).

So, that’s the “bird” part of the title.

As for the carb-loading, the kid has an affinity for carbohydrates. His breakfast is consistently comprised of one of the following…plus orange juice: pancakes, biscuits, English muffins, bagels, toast, or waffles. That’s it. He gets more balanced meals imposed on him at lunch and dinner. As a matter of fact, our jaws dropped when he actually took a liking to steamed artichoke last week!

Here’s a shot of Benton from a few weeks ago. You can see his braces. Not the greatest shot in the world, but he was looking straight into the sun. This was taken at Carson’s first soccer game of the season.

Benton at Carson\'s Soccer Game

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