Public Service: What’s a “Tag Cloud?”

Date April 28, 2008

If you are reading this entry on our Web site, as opposed to in your inbox or through an RSS feed, then you might be wondering what the mishmash of words of varying sizes is doing on the right side of the page.

This is a “tag cloud,” which has been in vogue for several years now on several sites. Every time we write a blog post (and we’re slowly working our way through the past 200+ posts on this blog), we put in “tags.” These are really just keywords that pertain to the post.

The “tag cloud” is a list of the tags that get used most often. The larger the font, the more times that tag has been used. If you click on one of the words/phrases in the tag cloud, you will get a list of all of the blog entries that were tagged with that word or phrase.

It’s a fun way to while away a few minutes.

Look for tag clouds on other sites! For instance, there is a tag cloud based on search terms on the site at the bottom of the Barnes and Noble home page.

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