Dressed like a Brother

Date May 20, 2008

Alana often entertains us with her choice of clothes, be it the sundress, snowboots, and mittens for the winter days or the snowpants over the pajama tops with a fleece when it is 80 degrees outside. We can usually count on her to surprise us. This week was no different. After getting her first outfit of the day dirty, Alana headed upstairs to change into dry clothes. When she returned, she had on brown floral pants and a wrist band. She announced "I am dressed like a brother." This picture was Alana showing us how a "brother" looks.

Alana dressed like a brother

This is Carson showing us how a brother really looked that day.

Carsons muscles

It took several hours before Alana wanted to put a shirt on. Dressing up like a brother was fun, but I had to insist that a shirt get added before heading out to play with the neighbors.

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