A Glimpse into the Elder Wilsons’ Global Birding

Date June 1, 2008

If you’ve talked to my parents about birding at any length, you’ve probably heard them refer to “Jack-and-Ed” — Jack Cole and Ed Frost, who are California-based fellow birders with whom they frequently meet up for various birding trips (Ed Frost is the son of the late “Mrs. Frost,” who lived in Sour Lake and with whom my mother struck up CPA-initiated friendship, which is how she met Ed).

Jack and Ed went to Costa Rica with my parents earlier this year, and Jack has now guest-written about the experience on the 10,000 Birds blog. It’s an interesting read, with some great pictures from the trip. The second of the two pictures that includes humans — about halfway through the post — features the backs and Tilley Hats of my parents.

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