Lacrosse Sticks

Date June 6, 2008

Benton got some gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods for his birthday. After a painful tour of the entire store, wracked with indecision, Benton finally chose to get a lacrosse stick. That meant that I had to purchase a second stick in order to make a game of catch possible. This led to some quality bonding time for the brothers. As you can see, Carson seemed to be having a great time.

That is, until he got hit in the leg with a ball.

Note that in standard Benton-style, he is not too concerned with helping Carson out, but is more interested in defending his throw of the ball.

Alana also got into the action, but with much less understanding of what to do with the stick. Based on her previous attempt at fashion, I think she was trying to figure out whether this “accessory” went well with her red velour Christmas dress.


One Response to “Lacrosse Sticks”

  1. JB said:

    Ah, lacrosse. Once you get them sticks, they will play that game forever. Bye bye baseball.

    Lacrosse is addictive and will toughen up a young guy in a hurry. Soon enough he won’t even flinch when he takes a shot to the leg.

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