Lost Tooth Number 3 and 4

Date July 3, 2008

On June 25th, after weeks of having a loose tooth that was getting in the way of his ability to eat, Carson finally lost his top right tooth. He partially has Benton to thank. Apparently, Benton managed to hit him in the mouth earlier in the day while I was at an appointment. This “injustice” has now turned into a “Thanks, Benton” since Carson is giving Benton’s hit credit for being able to pull the tooth out this evening.

Carsons lost tooth

Later that evening, around 11:30pm, the tornado sirens went off. This prompted Tim and I to shuttle the kids to the basement and set up another family “campout”. Since we have done this before, we are getting more efficient at it. Alana was carried to the guest bed, never waking. Benton walked down, crawled in the sleeping bag and promptly went back to sleep. Carson, on the other hand, seemed refreshed after his 3 hour “nap”, so was fairly bouncy and excited that he got to sleep on the sofa bed in between Mom and Dad. Only, he was not really ready to sleep. Instead, he managed to wiggle, and wiggle, and wiggle, and wiggle (you get the idea) his other top tooth. This meant a constant bouncing of the bed, enough to keep me WIDE awake.

By the time Carson made his 2nd and 3rd trips to the bathroom to check it out and wipe off the blood, Tim was sleeping pretty hard. I was not! I was almost as excited as Carson was when his tooth finally came out. He opened his toothfairy box to add it to the other, but discovered that the toothfairy had already come for the first tooth. As it turns out, the toothfairy only comes once a night, so he had to wait until Thursday night for the toothfairy’s return visit.

In the matter of less than 12 hours, Carson’s smile has changed completely. Isn’t he cute!

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