Family Room Remodel Part II

Date July 9, 2008

After a rather long and ever evolving process, the family room remodel is more or less complete for now. The dark woodwork and cream walls have been repainted, blue carpet replaced, new blinds, shelves, and furniture installed, as well as recovering of the old chair. First, I will show you a picture of the room before we got started. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the room, so we will go with the picture from the brochure made to sell the house:

And after we have finished:

Voila! The re-covered red chair is to the right of the picture. We will eventually add a game table, about where I was standing when taking the picture, and some sort of ottoman/coffee table, but those are going to wait for now. It is time to move onto painting trim and figuring out what to do with my office, which is technically the formal living room.

3 Responses to “Family Room Remodel Part II”

  1. Tim said:

    The milk crate with library books in it is the pièce de résistance!

  2. Second Tree Blog » Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone? (aka “Everything else is going to crap.”) said:

    […] first floor, and she has been on a tear. She spent the first part of the year slogging through the remodel of our family room, but had

  3. Dad said:

    I wonder, is there a final goal for the house or does the Dublin Wilson’s just continually cook up projects to fill the “spare” time? Probably the latter, based on what I observed at your houses in Austin. But then I see some elements of that in your mother! Still, it all looks very nice.

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