Big Machines at COSI

Date July 18, 2008

The science museum (COSI) is having a week long exhibit called Big Machines where you can climb on and even operate some construction equipment. With the arrival of Boppa and J yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to take Alana and Carson to the museum. Benton stayed back to go on a bike ride with Jane (aka J) while Larry and I headed to the museum.

The trip to COSI was great. Both Carson and Alana really enjoyed climbing and driving. After all the big machines, we headed inside for lunch and saw a few more exhibits before heading home. Here are a few pictures from our outing.

Alana drives the excavator.

Carson attempt to move every button he can find on this machine.

Carson hangs onto a strap while the crane operator lifts him into the air using a remote controlled device.

I climbed onto the backhoe to help Carson and Alana figure out how to swivel the seat from the front to the back.

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