Alana goes to Camp

Date July 19, 2008

Alana’s first day of camp was July 9th. Camp is at her preschool, where she is scheduled to start this fall. Camp is one day a week for 3 weeks. Alana was SOOOOOOOOO excited about going to camp that she couldn’t tell the teachers her name when we got there. She could only giggle. By the time I left, she was telling the teachers all about her favorite colors (pink and purple) and how she likes to paint. She has had a great time on her first two days and will have one more day next week. This is a picture of Alana on her first day of camp outside our house just before she got in the car to head out for the morning.

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    […] July, Alana got to go to camp, and she thoroughlyenjoyed it. As it worked out, she is now going to “school” at the […]

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