Cleveland with the Campbells

Date July 21, 2008

On Monday, July 14th, I met up with some Texas friends in Bainbridge, OH. We have known them since Benton and Angela started daycare, 9 years ago in August. The Campbells were finishing up a vacation in NY and were going to be passing through the Cleveland area, so we drove up to see them. We had a really nice time catching up, hiking, swimming, and eating. Below are a few pictures of the reunion.

Angela and Benton

Alana with Ben and Ben’s 4 year old cousin, Lauren, playing kitchen.

A group shot shortly before the Campbell’s headed to the airport (and shortly before I realized I could not find my keys). This was the best I could do to get all 5 of them to smile and look at the camera…..

…so, I gave them free reign to be goofy, which resulted in this group shot.

Come again soon Campbells! It was so great seeing you.

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