Digging It at the Playground

Date July 23, 2008

On Thursday, we discovered a new playground called North Orange Park, about 20 minutes from our house. It was mentioned by a neighbor and was well worth the extra minutes to get there. The park has 2 playscapes, a shady gazebo, a pond, paths you can ride bikes or scooters on, and a big sand area with water that you can turn on to flow though special tables or you can use to fill buckets and make wet, sandcastle perfect sand. We only had an hour to spend since Boppa and J were arriving that day, but we made the most of it and plan to go back soon.

Benton and Carson kept busy building in the sand. Benton worked on several lakes and tunnels while Carson tried to help some other boys fill up a sandtable.

Carson transports more water with the playscape area pictured behind him.

Alana enjoyed being bounced up and down on this modern version of a see saw.

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