Where is Alana?

Date August 7, 2008

Tonight, our babysitter came to watch the kids so that I could attend the Parent Orientation at Alana’s preschool. I ran a few errands after the meeting and arrived home to hear that all was quiet on the home front. I stepped outside to say goodbye to the sitter and then came in to a crying Carson. After helping him to settle back to sleep, I decided to check on Alana. When I checked her bed, this is what I found… empty pillows.

After a little more looking, I noticed her princess blanket partially under the bed. Though it was a little dark, I was fairly certain it was Alana under the blankets, under the bed.

I have not yet moved her, but suspect I need to before I head to bed. There is something to be said for being able to sleep soundly enough that a fall from a few feet up does not wake you.

One Response to “Where is Alana?”

  1. Auntie Kim said:

    She comes by sleeping-soundly- through-falls-out-of-bed honestly through Tim’s family (i.e. me). Ask Larry to tell you about his experience with me on an Indian Princess’ camp out… or the time I fell out of the pop-up trailer while asleep….

    It will do her well when she gets older. It may take awhile for her to settle down and GET to sleep, but once she does, she’ll sleep soundly through pretty much anything. 🙂

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