Family Vacation Part 2: Canadian Parliament

Date August 22, 2008

This post is heavy on the pictures, light on the text. But, we spent a good chunk of time on the grounds of Canada’s parliament:

It was a block away from our hotel, so we wandered down on Sunday morning to watch the daily reenactment of the changing of the royal guard.

Which wound up being canceled for Sunday.

But, until we found that out, Julie played around with some odd-perspective pictures in front of the main tower:

We got a shot of most of the family at a statue of Queen Victoria on the grounds (click the picture to view a larger version):

And, on the backside of the building, Alana and Julie took in the view:

Benton voluntarily chauffeured Alana around throughout the time we were in Ottawa. He liked to push her fast…and she liked to be pushed fast!

There is also an over-sized tea party set of statues memorializing the women’s rights activists from Canada’s past. Carson settled in with them (and there will be a Then and Now post at some point with Julie):

And, just a block away from the grounds, Carson was inspired to leap up on a pedestal and meditate (this pose was entirely unprompted!):

Luckily for us, we were staying for a second night, so we got to return on Monday to watch the reenactment of the changing of the guard. This involved several hundred people, including a full band that had a bagpipe section:

A bit more randomness from Ottawa in the next post…

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