Family Vacation Part 8: Hangin’ with the Herberts

Date August 28, 2008

The trip to Maine was planned for almost a full year, largely because, as we moved away from Austin, we knew we were moving away from a family with whom we’ve become very close over the last decade — the Herberts (I tend to get in a visit with Bob of some sort on virtually every trip to Austin). They made a trip up to my parents’ cabin last year and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to return this year. So, we made rough plans to meet up there, with the plan being that we would overlap with each other for a few days. That’s exactly what happened!

Our kids have always been as compatible as the adults — their youngest, Jack, is just a bit older than Benton — to the point that all of the kids fairly freely mix and match when they’re playing.

Jordan reading to Alana:

Jordan making chocolate chip cookies with Benton:

Jack and Carson skipping rocks off the dock:

Jack and Benton skipping rocks:

Jack and Benton wading up a stream on the hike out from Angels Falls (covered in yesterday’s post):

The two families on the hike in to Angels Falls (before I fell down…):

The Herbert kids are also much less affected by cold water than the Wilson kids. They always swam in our (chilly) pool in Austin more/more readily than our kids.

Jordan showing our kids how to jump off the dock:

We didn’t bring Elwyn…so Jordan wound up being the rock-diver of the group:

Of course, the Herberts were there looking for some R&R, just like we were:

We had a great time visiting with them, which was what we expected. So, my guess is that this won’t be the last of our family meet-ups over the coming years.

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