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Halloween 2008 Preparations: Pumpkin Carving

Date October 27, 2008

On Sunday, Julie and Benton went shopping and brought back three pumpkins. We made a fire in the backyard and set to carving!

 Jack-O-Lantern Production at the Wilsons

Jack-O-Lantern Production at the Wilsons

Jack-O-Lantern Production at the Wilsons

Jack-O-Lanterns Lit Up and in Position

To view more photos of the experience (we’re talking 10 photos here — nothing too crazy, although the link will likely have some additional photos added after Halloween actually occurs), follow this link.

One Response to “Halloween 2008 Preparations: Pumpkin Carving”

  1. Barbara said:

    Cute. I was wondering about what the first pumpkin is, but now I’m thinking it’s a mummy… Right?

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