The Question I Haven’t Effectively Answered for a Decade

Date December 14, 2008

“So, Tim, what exactly is it that you do?”

Various ways I’ve tried to give quick, yet accurate, answers:

  • “I work with data”
  • “I work in marketing”
  • “Data management”
  • “Data warehousing and business intelligence”

Sadly, most of the people who get one of these responses insist on probing for more information. And genuinely regret the decision within five minutes!

So, for any masochists who really want to know, there is a lengthy post on my other blog that goes into more detail regarding my latest job.

You’ve been forewarned.

One Response to “The Question I Haven’t Effectively Answered for a Decade”

  1. Barbara Madera said:

    Is this what you were doing when we saw you at Thanksgiving or is the Nationwide job news since then? Just wondering… in any way, congratulations!

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