Carson Gets “Fancy”

Date December 17, 2008

Benton would rather change a dirty diaper than wear a collared shirt of any sort. Even a simple, cotton, Polo shirt. Nuthin’ doin’.

Carson, on the other hand, can be quite the dandy! On one of her “we just have to go check out this sale” outings with the neighborhood gals, Julie picked up an outfit for Carson for something like $12 (or so she said; better for the marriage if I don’t check receipts).

The stars aligned last Friday night: Benton had a birthday party to attend, so Julie and Carson decided to make it a “fancy” date night for the two of them. Carson was excited:

Fancy Man!!!

Alana and I headed out for our own date night, but with much more casual attire (every article of clothing she wore wound up with some amount of chocolate cake smeared on it).

The “Fancy” Couple:

"Date Night"

One Response to “Carson Gets “Fancy””

  1. Amy Bills said:

    Where is the photo of the unfancy couple?

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