Easter Weekend at the Farm: How Long Did You Think I Could Stay Away from an Alana-Centric Post?

Date April 14, 2009

When she saw the first post I put up recapping last weekend, Julie commented that she was impressed that I managed to not lead with Alana. I decided to really show her a thing or two by  holding off for many posts on that front. I made it to the third post before I cracked. So…Alana’s weekend:

Giving Grandma very explicit directions on how to play (get two paper plates, get assigned one crayon at a time, color anything you want…unless Alana tells you to color something different,…):


Spreading corn for the deer with Grandpa:



Getting ready for a walk with Mom and Dad:


Being documented on her Easter egg hunt:


With one of the treasures she found during her Easter egg hunt:



3 years old going on 27:


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