WANTED: No longer needed/used DVD burner (busted is fine)

Date April 26, 2009

We’ve poked around on craigslist and eBay and are not finding the <$10 option we were hoping to find. Basically, Benton’s looking to convert a mini-mag light (flashlight) into a “high-powered laser” based on a video he found on the ‘net. The actual laser comes from the laser in a DVD burner. Unfortunately, I went through and did a computer component purge six months ago…and I got rid of all of my CD and DVD drives. I know that included a CD burner, which may have worked as well.

So, if you’ve got an old computer — PC or laptop — that’s got a CD or DVD burner in it that is destined for a landfill or recycling facility, let me know. We’ll cover the postage, and, of course, credit you with the post that has the final result! A busted burner is fine, too, we’re only looking to get the laser out of it, and it’s not likely that that’s what’s busted.

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