Catching Up with Friends

Date June 16, 2009

The kids had lots of kids to play with during our trip to Austin last week. Some were friends they remembered and explicitly looked forward to seeing, some were friends they remembered after they’d gotten to see them, and some…Alana might not necessarily have remembered, but whom she quickly settled in with happily.

Angela gave Alana a spin at Central Market:

Angela spins Alana around

Carson and Grace chatted about the progress on Uncle Ron’s new dental office:

Grace and Carson at Uncle Ron's new office

Carson took charge — leading the way for Grace and Andrew through the office:

Andrew, Carson, and Grace at Uncle Ron's new office

Carson, Alana, Grace, Benton, Andrew:

The Wilsons and the Whites

Grace tells Alana how to spell her name:

Grace and Alana

Benton, Ariston, and Carson at the pool:

Benton, Ariston, and Carson

Alana and Natalia at the pool:

Alana and Natalia

Alana and Natalia show off the books they made:

Alana and Natalia

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