Even Siblings Sometimes Get Along

Date June 17, 2009

Julie commented 75% of the way through our trip to Austin that, despite the long days (all three kids were collapsing into bed at the end of each day), there were shockingly few full-blown meltdowns. More surprisingly, the kids all had extended bouts of cooperatively playing with each other.

One example is this picture of Carson…or is it Alana…or…it’s both!

Is it Carson? Or is it Alana? It's both!

They got into wrestling with blankets and pillowcases over their heads and had a ball:

Carson and Alana wrestle

They even cooperated in the hot tub!

Carson and Alana in the hot tub

And posed for a future Then and Now picture:

Carson and Benton exploring Boppa and J

One Response to “Even Siblings Sometimes Get Along”

  1. Mom said:

    How heartwarming…both to see the grandchildren having such fun AND to see home!

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