In Memoriam: Elwyn Brooks Wilson 1995-2009

Date July 2, 2009

Elwyn headed to that great big rocky-bottomed river in the sky last night. He had been heading downhill for a while and just got to the point last night where his quality of life had hit the point of extreme on-going discomfort.



Alana Takes Elwyn for a Walk

There's Just Something about a Roll in the Grass

He had a good run for fourteen years and will be missed.

6 Responses to “In Memoriam: Elwyn Brooks Wilson 1995-2009”

  1. Mom said:

    Elwyn was one loveable, dear dog. We’ll miss him (and his unforgettable tongue). Is Molly lost?

  2. Kristin said:

    Sorry to hear about Elwyn. Thinking about you guys and will give my pups a big hug in his memory when I get home tonight.

  3. Stacy Marcus said:

    We’re so sorry for your loss. Elwyn was a sweet, gentle and fun-loving dog. I remember fondly all our walks together behind your Nairin house. Sounds like you made the right choice for him. Please give a hug to all four kidos including Molly!

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  5. Joanne said:

    So sorry to hear about Elwyn. He had a great life and was well loved. I know you all will miss him…

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