Happiness Is Watching Your Son Mow the Yard Voluntarily

Date October 4, 2009

When Julie and I went to Boston a couple of weeks ago, our yard went for two weeks without getting mowed. Combine that with a pretty wet couple of weeks, and our lawn was out of control. While Julie was taking her mother back to Virginia with Alana and Carson, Benton and I tackled a variety of tasks around the house, including mowing the yard.

Benton was intrigued by the height of the grass and the result of the mowing. He mowed the whole yard!

Benton mows the yard

3 Responses to “Happiness Is Watching Your Son Mow the Yard Voluntarily”

  1. Mom said:

    Is that a new camouflage fleece that I see?! B finally outgrew the other one? I’m not sure whether I hope he loves this one as much…or grows out of it quickly!

    Very cool that he enjoyed the pleasure of seeing, so clearly, the pleasing results of his efforts.

  2. Mom said:

    Kind of like washing dishes or cleaning a bathroom, but not at all like cleaning a house! (Once more, the key thought came too late for the first comment…)

  3. dad said:

    Seems like we had to invest in a riding mower to get you and your sister willing to mow a yard. Good luck!

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