Fall Foliage Has Arrived!

Date October 25, 2009

After a recent post, my dad commented that it didn’t look like the colors had really started turning up here yet. That was just what I (had not) managed to take pictures of!

Alana and I went for a little walk (scooter ride in her case) yesterday and saw some pretty vivid colors.

Alana scooters past the colors of autumn

Alana scooters past the colors of autumn

This little fellow is staked out in his backyard quite a bit — he seems to have gotten used to us enough that he wasn’t racing back and forth barking like mad.

Neighborhood pooch

After we got back, Benton and a friend were kicking a soccer ball back and forth in the road — it’s the neighbor’s house behind him that really has some neat coloring in his tree (and some neat Halloween decorations).

Benton -- front yard soccer in the fall

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