Hello? Is This Thing Still On?

Date November 17, 2009

Three weeks since we got a post up. Busy times:

  • Minor remodel (paint, drywall, new lighting, new pictures) to our first floor half-bath — Julie (and me…because who doesn’t jump at the chance to hang drywall on a ceiling and tape and float it?)
  • Trip to the Columbus Zoo — whole family (“Forced Family Fun,” or “FFF”)
  • Several evenings in our driveway or on the neighbors’ porch — whole family
  • Learning to bunny hop a scooter — Carson and Benton
  • Heading off to blow leaves out of the neighbors’ yard with a promise of a half a bag of chocolate for the effort — Carson
  • Replacing workshop lights with fluorescents scavenged from a neighbor and our bathroom (see first bullet) — Tim
  • Further decoration of the dining room walls with permanent marker

We’ve got pictures of some of those, which I’ll get posted at some point. As a bridge, one pic each of the kiddos (and even Molly snuck into one of the pictures, but she was in the midst of being dressed up as a princess, and didn’t really seem to enjoy the experience, so I’m okay with including her here):

Snow White and Her Black Bear

Carson mugs for the camera

Benton mocks the camera

One Response to “Hello? Is This Thing Still On?”

  1. Mom said:

    Loved seeing these, and they are good pictures of all three, B included. I’ll be getting them downloaded to my digital frame. The aquarium shot was fun, too – a little awe at work there??

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