And Now…Benton in Videos

Date December 16, 2009

Yes, we actually have enough pictures of Benton to throw together a video of him. And, hey, I figured out how to sort chronologically, so this runs the full gamut of his 10+ years.

It’s a 4:28 video, and I stuck with Jerry Jeff Walker for the music — not the most appropriate lyrics, but there are some unintentionally humorous lines on top of certain pictures (and, as I sifted through his iPod’s various playlists, I was finding even less appropriate lyrics, so I gave up):

3 Responses to “And Now…Benton in Videos”

  1. Mom said:

    You, Benton is definitely one alright guy! And it’s definitely better to listen absentia to Jerry Jeff while looking at Benton than listening to Jerry Jeff and Family live while sitting with Benton at Brack. Time does fly.

  2. Mom said:

    Oops, that comment was supposed to begin with Yep, not You.

  3. Jane Wilson said:

    This one played quiet well on my lapto as some seem to take forever to upload as it plays. Also, notice that your mom’s email address is “published”!


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