First Snowfall of the Season

Date December 19, 2009

We got our first real snowfall last night. Benton helped shovel the drive and then immediately headed into the yard to gather more snow to make a fort. Within an hour, all three kids were outside.

The Corny Shot of the Holiday Card Pose

Alana made little snowmen:

Alana Decorates Her Snowpeople

Alana and Her Snowpeople

Carson found the experience exhilarating:


Even Molly got a little frisky (with Anabel, from next door):

Anabel and Molly -- Frisky in the Snow

And then inside for breakfast…


Inside for Breakfast after Playing in the Snow

2 Responses to “First Snowfall of the Season”

  1. Mom said:

    What a great set of pictures – seeing both Tim and Benton’s faces is a HUGE treat! The one of Molly and Annabelle is a quality shot, by the way. Which camera? And what are the pink puff balls?

  2. Tim said:

    The pink puffballs are some sort of boa that Alana has (not to be confused with the purple puffballs on her snow boots — the boots are a hand-me-down from a neighbor down the street, which Alana has had on many times prior to actually needing them). The camera was the D90.

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