Merry Christmas!

Date December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Carson came home a week or so after Thanksgiving talking about how he needed to leave food out to attract an elf. His first concoction (Cheerios and a chocolate bar) didn’t take, but he got additional guidance from his friends the next day, and, on his second attempt, an elf indeed appeared the following morning. “Elfy” has moved around every night since — showing up on a light fixture, high on some shelves, or perched atop a dresser. Carson’s first task every morning (or second…sometimes he tackles the next door on the Lego action figure advent calendar he got for his birthday first) is to find Elfy.

Carson with his magic elf

Apparently, these magic elves are a fairly common tradition — read about them more here.

We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and a healthy and happy 2010!

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