Doughnuts, anyone?

Date February 1, 2010

More from our weekend in West Virginia…

Benton and I went for several 4-wheeler rides and just couldn’t resist having a little fun in the snow (as always, if you can’t play the video directly, just click on the link and you should get to the YouTube page where it will play):

2 Responses to “Doughnuts, anyone?”

  1. Mom said:

    So…did B intend to do that last tight little circle, or did it just happen? Are you being sufficiently safe with our grandchildren? (Other side of that question: are you giving them all the fun experiences they should have? ;o) )

  2. Benton on the Farm | Second Tree Blog said:

    […] the easy way out with these posts from our trip to West Virginia last weekend! I already posted the video of Benton on the 4-wheeler, but I snapped a few other pictures that seemed worth […]

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