Spring Means Sports

Date April 18, 2010

We’re fully into spring in Ohio, which means spring sports are rapidly ramping up. On Saturday, Benton had baseball practice from 10:00 AM to noon, and I had to pick him up early so we could race over to the soccer fields for a noon game where he needed to arrive at 11:45. He’d missed the first game of the season while we were in Austin, so this was the second game for his team and the first for him.

Benton contests the ball

After an errant inbound throw wound up bouncing around and rolling off of Benton’s head, he got a case of the giggles, but played through it:

"Giggles" dribbles the soccer ball

He holds his own — falls somewhere in the middle of the roster skills-wise and really seems to enjoy it.

Benton chases down a ball

Benton preps for a kick

While Benton was at baseball practice, Carson and I headed to Smuirfield, the neighborhood pitch-and-putt, and that was so much fun that we headed back today with Benton.

Benton launched a beauty on the “long” hole:

Benton launches a beauty

Carson had some good hits, too:

Carson takes a shot

Carson chips to the flag

The boys both got behind the camera a few times and managed to capture me hacking up some grass:

Tim hacks some grass at Smuirfield

A beautiful spring day in central Ohio — it’s like a beautiful winter day in central Texas, but in Technicolor.

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  1. Mom said:

    “A beautiful spring day in central Ohio β€” it’s like a beautiful winter day in central Texas, but in Technicolor. Aptly put. Hope you are enjoying taking the photos as much as we enjoy seeing them!

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