The Springburn Drive Social Circle Is Alive and Well

Date July 10, 2010

Due to early summer travel and vacations running rampant through the neighborhood, we hadn’t had a Friday evening cookout/hangout in our driveway for what seemed like ages. To make up for it, we took things up a notch last night by introducing homemade buffalo wings to the menu for the evening! We fired up a couple of burners and then Chef Bill went to town.

The Setup (It Had Been Raining, So We Set Up the Canopy)
The setup

The Scene
The scene

The Wingmeister and His Assistant
The Wingmeister and His Assistant

Some of the Kids Chose Alternative Seating
(Some of) the Kids Hang Out in the Truck

The Real Housewives of Springburn Drive
The Real Housewives of Springburn Drive

Everyone agreed it had been too long, and we still were missing a few of the regular families, so we’re looking forward to a number of repeat performances over the remainder of the summer!

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