Visiting the Farm: Part 1 — Cousins

Date September 13, 2010

Over Labor Day Weekend, we headed to Julie’s dad’s farm in West Virginia. In addition to Bob and Pam, our nephew and niece, Tyler and Meg, came down for the weekend. It’s a highly compatible group of cousins. When we we arrived, Alana immediately raced in and flung herself on her 15-year-old cousin with a full-body hug. To his credit, Tyler is incredibly tolerant.

Benton and Tyler headed down to the river with a four-wheeler and a BB gun (Benton is not abnormally short — Tyler is just 8′ tall, give or take):

A Boy, His Cousin, a BB Gun

Later, during a game that was some sort of derivative of hide-and-seek, Meg and Alana took cover behind a corner of the barn (again, Alana is not unduly short, but we’re having Meg’s blood analyzed for traces of Amazon):

Alana and Meg Hide from Benton and Carson

The kids all had a great time. More pictures of other aspects of the trip to come…

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