Visiting the Farm: Part 4 — The Views

Date September 16, 2010

I did a fair amount of walking and riding around the farm during our visit, which meant I spent a lot of time trying to capture the different aspects of the setting.

The View

A View of the Farm

The River

Looking Up the River

A View Down the River

The Woods

The Woods

The Woods

The Grass

Looking up from the pond to the red cabin:

Looking Up to the Red Cabin

…and down from the hill to the farmhouse and barn:

Looking Down on the Farmhouse and the Barn

The Pond

View Across the Pond

2 Responses to “Visiting the Farm: Part 4 — The Views”

  1. Mom said:

    Nice! But I’m drawing a blank on the pond. Where is it? Or has Bob perhaps built it since we were last there? It seems like we would have been bathing in the pond rather than the river during that visit when all sources of electricity went kaput.

  2. Tim said:

    The pond has been there from the get-go, although it’s gone through various stages of bulldozer/drain work over the years. It’s never been something you’d want to swim in — too much muck and brush. Location-wise, if you were driving to the farmhouse from the road, you would turn left into the field about 50′ before you got to the red cabin. In the picture of the pond above, the red cabin is pretty much straight through the tree that is on the left part of the picture. You can see it to the NNE of the marker in the Google map on this post:

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