Visiting the Farm: Part 6 — The Laborers

Date September 18, 2010

Julie has to give Bob a direct order to take a break from back-to-back tasks to spend time with his kids/grandkids…

Bob in Mid-Chore

She was successful — once — during our visit, convincing him to take a break for a family walk:

Three Generations of Lyrens

Pam vacillates between pushing Bob to slow down…and enabling him. She has been brainwashed, we can only assume, to buy into Bob’s belief that it’s inhumane to actually cut grass with the mower — much better to mow early and often so that the grass is simply terrified by the blade passing loudly overhead, thus stunting it’s actual growth. While Pam was mowing the yard, Benton commented: “It’s a good thing that some leaves have started to fall, or she wouldn’t have any way to tell what had already been mowed.”


Julie quipped that it looked like her dad had decided to build a fence on one edge of the property…by stacking up wood that he’d split!

Plenty o' Firewood

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