Cousins on the Farm

Date December 20, 2010

It’s not Christmas yet, so I’m not going to feel too bad about my delinquency on Thanksgiving posts. We went to Julie’s dad’s farm for Thanksgiving and both of her brothers and their families came out as well. For one evening, we had 14 humans and 4 dogs! Julie, Benton, Carson, and I slept up at the hunting cabin, which is Benton’s preferred sleeping spot, anyway. A (large) handful of shots of the aunts/uncles/cousins at play:

All the Cousins (and One Aunt)
Tyler, Meg, Alana, Markus, Patti, Carson (trying his best to smile), Benton

All the cousins (and one aunt)

Markus Has a Snack

Markus having a snack

Markus and Patti

Markus and Aunt Patti

Paul Shows Carson Some Super Hero Moves

Carson and Uncle Paul

Benton and Tyler Skip Rocks for Fia

Fia, Benton, and Tyler

Meg Entertains Markus

Meg and Markus

Meg Props Up Markus

Meg and Markus

Meg Props Up Alana

Alana and Meg

But, wait. I don’t want to give the impression that Meg is 100% nurturing and snuggly!

Meg and Tyler with Their First Deer (Brett Got One, Too) and a Proud, Proud Grandpa

Fresh Venison

Chess Was the Indoor Game of Choice

Meg and Benton play chess

Although iPod Touch Time Was Pretty Popular, Too

Benton, Tyler, and Carson Buried in Electronics

Alana, Fia, Markus, and Aunt Patti Head for the Fire

Alana, Fia, Markus, and Patti

Markus and Alana Pretend to Drive the Tractor

Markus and Alana

Patti DRIVES the Tractor
(imagine a thought cloud over Bob’s head: “If I can get her back this summer and hook up the brush hog, I do believe she could mow the north 40!”)

Patti Drives the Tractor

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