First Soccer Games of the Year

Date April 9, 2011

Somehow, we managed to have each of our three kids playing two sports apiece this spring — 2 soccers, 3 baseballs, 1 flag football. Today was the start of the soccer season.

What a difference a season makes. Alana largely just “chased the action” in the fall, but she actually got in and played in her first game this year:

Alana goes after the ball

Alana goes after the ball

She scored at least three goals, and any goal (by anyone) warranted a celebration:

Alana celebrates a goal

She even paid attention to her coach!

Alana and her coach

Benton’s game was a couple of hours later. He’s right back in his groove there.

Benton kicks

Benton takes a kick

He played the entire second half and the lack of off-season conditioning started to show. And…he’s got a 1.5-hour baseball practice later this afternoon!

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  1. Carson: Flag Football Maniac | Second Tree Blog said:

    […] was the start of soccer season for Alana and Benton. Today was Carson’s first flag football game. He’s never played […]

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