Swim Team Begins…

Date June 12, 2011

Carson and Alana are both doing swim team this year — the first time for both of them. The first meet — an intra squad affair — was held last Wednesday. Both kids swam in four events and, overall, enjoyed themselves (we’re enjoying the forced improvement of their swimming skills).


Pre-swim body art (it was an intra squad meet, so there was a “green” squad and a “white” squad):

Carson with swim body art

With friend/teammate Alan:

Carson and Alan

Diving for freestyle:

Carson starting a race


Carson freestyle


Carson backstroking (...he ran into the wall)


Striking a pose for the camera:

Alana strikes a pose


Alana "dives" in


Alana breathes during her freestyle

Notice that her goggles are on her forehead for backstroke:

Alana backstroking -- note the position of her goggles

Exiting the pool:

Alana climbing out after a race

One Response to “Swim Team Begins…”

  1. Mom said:

    Warms my heart, needless to say! I can’t wait to watch at least a practice if not a meet.

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