Summer Trip Part 4 of ? — Flora and Fauna

Date August 2, 2011

There are minimal humans in this post recalling our summer trip to Canada and Maine and points in between. But, I got a few shots that seemed worth sharing of critters and such.

Some ducks near the shore of Rangeley Lake:

Mallard Duck Family on Rangelely Lake

A ring-billed gull flying overhead near the shore of the lake near downtown Rangeley:

Ring-billed Gull

Carson spent time snorkeling in Maine and grabbed this crayfish:

Crayfish from Rangeley Lake

Crayfish from Rangeley Lake

A butterfly on a trail around the Rangeley golf course:


An unidentified (common…but unidentified — I looked!) orange flower in Maine:

Unnamed orange flower

Another unidentified flower in Quebec:




One Response to “Summer Trip Part 4 of ? — Flora and Fauna”

  1. Mom said:

    The ducks are female and/or young mallards, incidentally. And we’ve been on a wildflower and tree identification kick lately, so I can tell you that the orange flowers are Orange Hawkweed aka Devil’s Paintbrush. They are native to Europe, spread very quickly, and are a nuisance to farmers…but gorgeous. (So sayeth are wildflower books….) The Quebec flower is an iris – that I know for sure – and I am guessing it is a Northern Blue Flag. Birders becoming botanist wannabees…

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