Cooperstown, NY — Part 2 of 2 — In and Around Town

Date August 20, 2011

Below are some other pictures from our long weekend in and around Cooperstown, New York.

Alana Knows the Art of Baseball Spectating

(My favorite picture from the weekend)

Baseball spectating

Baseball = HOT DOG!!!

Around Cooperstown

Downtown Cooperstown is eminently walkable

Walking down Main Street in Cooperstown

And…eminently stoppable (for ice cream):

Ice Cream Break in Cooperstown

Since Benton doesn’t eat ice cream, he got a blue sorbet/gelato or somesuch:

Blue teeth

And…a gratuitous picture of a bumblebee on a flower outside a house on a side street:

Bumblebee on a flower in Cooperstown


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  1. Mom said:

    The photos and account of the weekend are great, by the way! I’ll have to check with Julie regarding how she found the rental camper on site at a great campground – what a lovely way to go!

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